Friday, April 23, 2010

I and everything must go =)


I am leaving Mobsters 2 permanently due to personal reasons. I will dearly miss many great friends that I have met as well as the great camaraderie of killing one another. I am at peace with my decision, so do not feel bad for me or feel a need to try to talk me out of it. Just wish me well (and maybe pray for me a little) =) .

It's been my pleasure to know you and play with you,
Eric (Uccisore / Ur Left Nut)


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  3. You say : Pray for me a little.
    I hope you don't have health problems, if so--be well.

    The Bride.

    Bet you didn't see that one coming:-P

  4. Eric.. I hope all is well with you and whatever it is you may be dealing with at the moment.. It was so very nice to have met you and you know you will be missed by many....good luck to you...

    Dammy aka ZNA